About Us

Founded in 2006 in Hoxton (London), Bolongaro Trevor draws inspiration from British heritage, the City of London and its alternative subcultures such as mods, skins and punks to create unique, wearable garments with a clean contemporary edge.

In order to keep that East London vibe fresh and alive, all the collections are entirely designed from the brand’s new studio in Leyton by a team of new enthusiastic young designers.

In addition, and coherently supporting the brand’s quintessentially British ethos and foundations, Bolongaro Trevor remains one of the few British fashion houses that has been manufacturing its high-end, high quality pieces in the UK, sticking to the true values of the brand.

Bolongaro Trevor presents a true alternative to the established fashion world, and because of its unapologetic way of mixing traditional and contemporary styles, it has become a go-to shopping destination for many legendary artists like Courtney Love, The Who, Gwen Stefani, or The Libertines among others.

Bolongaro Trevor thrives on newness, creating the future and it is constantly inspired by our past, the present and the world we live in.